The Key: Royal Star Casino Burglary

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A severe series of burglaries shakes the Royal Star Casino. How did the three perpetrators get the sensitive data?

The Royal Star Casino has been shocked by a series of burglaries that have shaken the gambling world. Somehow three perpetrators accessed the sensitive data, but how? Players will start their investigations by combining all the clues about vault numbers, perpetrators, the time of the crimes, and the codes entered. In the game cards for this case, the torn edges of currency straps must be examined, elevator movements must be put in the right order, and code tiles must be correctly put together. Witness statements about the activities on the evening of the crime add extra suspense until the correct number code appears that will put the burglars behind bars.

In The Key: Royal Star Casino Burglary, the players take up the investigative work and combine all the clues to safe numbers, perpetrators, times of the crime, and the codes entered. Only the correct number code will bring the burglar back under lock and key.

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