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The Whelming Matches factory has burned down, with only this artifact found in the destruction. Cold to touch, it sat amongst the ashen remains of the factory. Why? How? These questions have yet to be unanswered.

Matches is a trick-taking style card game, with a unique spin on scoring and playing. The lead player plays a number card to start the blaze. Each player in turn order must play a card matching that number (which increases the blaze's heat and point value), or a set of cards that equal the value of the card.

A player can choose to pass, upon which they collect points for each of pairs they have played. The last player to pass wins the trick and collects the points on the blaze card...but will NOT score the pairs they have played.

Deciding if you'll get more points from the pairs you've played, or if you need to try and stay in to get the points on the blaze card, is the heart of Matches.

The game also includes optional powerful "Burn Cards" which can be purchased with points. These Burn Cards can have huge impacts on how the game is played, the possible points to be scored, and the cards in players' hands.

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