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Purchasing this play pass reserves your spot in our Dice Throne League for a specific date AND includes any drink of your choice (well... any drink we serve) for no additional cost! Players who purchase a pass before the event will also be given priority if they need to use Heroes from our library.

Join us for the Dice Throne League play day!

The initial two dates (Feb 17th & Mar 2nd) are for practice and learning - so if you're interested, come in and learn the game, learn the format, and get some practice against the competition.

This event is open to everyone of all skill levels!

Format is Bring 3, Ban 1:

Each player brings to the table 3 characters and their opponent bans one - leaving two characters from which a player chooses.

We do have characters available but the selection is limited - so if you have some Dice Thrones bring 'em in!

Watch this space for more details as they emerge!

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