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Celebrate Empire's 9th Anniversary with some good ol' fashioned deception in our Blood on the Clocktower game!

At 6pm we will be running a free round (or two, time permitting) of Blood on the Clocktower. This event will be free, but as we have limited space, tickets must be secured in advance. We will be selling tickets for $1 on our website as a placeholder for your ticket. This $1 will be returned to you at the event.

We will be running a Custom Script made by our Storyteller, Tres, specifically for this event.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. There is limited space and these events fill up!

Join us for Blood on the Clocktower with the best community and Storytellers in town!



Empire will host a Custom Script night for Blood on The Clocktower! Our storyteller will be running a custom script, with mixtures of characters from the 3 base scripts and possibly experimental characters. This may be an original storyteller script or a custom one made by the community. Pay attention to our socials to see potential sneak peeks for what this script might entail!

This night is for players who are VERY familiar with the game and looking to get a little wild with what is possible in a game of Blood on the Clocktower.

Why play at Empire when free events are available?

Experience: Our Storytellers have been running Blood on the Clocktower events several times a month for over a year!

Community: Our Storytellers are great at running games, sure, but they have also cultivated a welcoming and respectful player community. New and returning players are both welcome and encouraged - and respect, well, the people who play at Empire respect not only one another's preferred pronouns and personal beliefs - but also everyone's time. Flakes are a rarity, and we are usually notified in advance so that necessary adjustments can be made. You won't experience delays in the game due to half-committed people wandering around - we're here to play!

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